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JavaScript Code to embed Bitcoin payment Dynamic QR Code to reflect current BTC Market prices

Code is as follows and is also available at JSFiddle
/* Javascript to include current Bitcoin price to dynamic QR Code. HTML Code looks like: 
Lines to change and put in your own variables are 2 (e.g. https://..../global/USD), 7 where you can change currency and amount (e.g. var usdValue = 10.75;), 8 where you need to change eurValue to usdValue or cnyValue, and finally and most importantly change line 10 to reflect the correct Bitcoin Address or else I'll be getting your coins :) */ var xbtc = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', '', true); xbtc.onreadystatechange = function(){ if(xbtc.readyState == 4){ var ticker = JSON.parse(xbtc.responseText); var price = ticker.last; var eurValue = 5; var btcConvert = eurValue/price; btcConvert = btcConvert.toFixed(8); var qrurl = "" + btcConvert; document.getElementById('btc').innerHTML = ""; } }; xbtc.send();
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