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This is a subreddit for discussion of forking Bitcoin to allow a free-market and consent-based approach to Bitcoin's / Bitcoin Cash's progress. In Bitcoin Cash we brought together like minded people - users, developers, miners - to carry on the experiment that is Bitcoin. We stand ready to fork again should it become necessary to protect Bitcoin to ensure the option of peer-to-peer electronic cash can survive and thrive.

Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining is analogous to the mining of gold, but its digital form. The process involves specialized computers solving algorithmic equations or hash functions. These problems help miners to confirm blocks of transactions held within the network. Bitcoin mining provides a reward for miners by paying out in Bitcoin in turn the miners confirm transactions on the blockchain. Miners introduce new Bitcoin into the network and also secure the system with transaction confirmation.

DDDD - The Rise of “Buy the Dip” Retail Investors and Why Another Crash Is Imminent

DDDD - The Rise of “Buy the Dip” Retail Investors and Why Another Crash Is Imminent
In this week's edition of DDDD (Data-driven DD), I'll be going over the real reason why we have been seeing a rally for the past few weeks, defying all logic and fundamentals - retail investors. We'll look into several data sets to see how retail interest in stock markets have reached record levels in the past few weeks, how this affected stock prices, and why we've most likely seen the top at this point, unless we see one of the "positive catalysts" that I mentioned in my previous post, which is unlikely (except for more news about Remdesivir).
Disclaimer - This is not financial advice, and a lot of the content below is my personal opinion. In fact, the numbers, facts, or explanations presented below could be wrong and be made up. Don't buy random options because some person on the internet says so; look at what happened to all the SPY 220p 4/17 bag holders. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions on what you should do with your own money, and how levered you want to be based on your personal risk tolerance.
Most people who know me personally know that I spend an unhealthy amount of my free time in finance and trading as a hobby, even competing in paper options trading competitions when I was in high school. A few weeks ago, I had a friend ask if he could call me because he just installed Robinhood and wanted to buy SPY puts after seeing everyone on wallstreetbets post gains posts from all the tendies they’ve made from their SPY puts. The problem was, he actually didn’t understand how options worked at all, and needed a thorough explanation about how options are priced, what strike prices and expiration dates mean, and what the right strategy to buying options are. That’s how I knew we were at the euphoria stage of buying SPY puts - it’s when dumb money starts to pour in, and people start buying securities because they see everyone else making money and they want in, even if they have no idea what they’re buying, and price becomes dislocated from fundementals. Sure enough, less than a week later, we started the bull rally that we are currently in. Bubbles are formed when people buy something not because of logic or even gut feeling, but when people who previously weren’t involved see their dumb neighbors make tons of money from it, and they don’t want to miss out.
A few days ago, I started getting questions from other friends about what stocks they should buy and if I thought something was a good investment. That inspired me to dig a bit deeper to see how many other people are thinking the same thing.
Ever since March, we’ve seen an unprecedented amount of money pour into the stock market from retail investors.
Google Search Trends
\"what stock should I buy\" Google Trends 2004 - 2020
\"what stock should I buy\" Google Trends 12 months
\"stocks\" Google Trends 2004 - 2020
\"stocks\" Google Trends 12 months
Brokerage data
Robinhood SPY holders
\"Robinhood\" Google Trends 12 months
wallstreetbets' favorite broker Google Trends 12 months
Excerpt from E*Trade earnings statement
Excerpt from Schwab earnings statement
TD Ameritrade Excerpt
Media Alexa rank
CNBC viewership & rankings
wallstreetbets comments / day

investing comments / day
What we can see from Reddit numbers, Google Trends, and CNBC stats is that in between the first week of March and first week of April, we see a massive inflow of retail interest in the stock market. Not only that, but this inflow of interest is coming from all age cohorts, from internet-using Zoomers to TV-watching Boomers. Robinhood SPY holdings and earnings reports from E*Trade, TD Ameritrade, and Schwab have also all confirmed record numbers of new clients, number of trades, and assets. There’s something interesting going on if you look closer at the numbers. The numbers growth in brokers for designed for “less sophisticated” investors (i.e. Robinhood and E*Trade) are much larger than for real brokers (i.e. Schwab and Ameritrade). This implies that the record number of new users and trade volume is coming from dumb money. The numbers shown here only really apply to the US and Canada, but there’s also data to suggest that there’s also record numbers of foreign investors pouring money into the US stock market as well.
However, after the third week of March, we see the interest start to slowly decline and plateau, indicating that we probably have seen most of those new investors who wanted to have a long position in the market do so.
SPX daily
Pretty much everything past this point is purely speculation, and isn’t really backed up by any solid data so take whatever I say here with a cup of salt. We could see from the graph that new investor interest started with the first bull trap we saw in the initial decline from early March, and peaking right after the end of the crash in March. So it would be fair to guess that we’re seeing a record amount of interest in the stock market from a “buy the dip” mentality, especially from Robinhood-using Millennials. Here’s a few points on my rationalization of this behavior, based on very weak anecdotal evidence
  • They missed out of their chance of getting in the stock market at the start of the bull market that happened at the end of 2009
  • They’ve all seen the stock market make record gains throughout their adult lives, but believing that the market might be overheated, they were waiting for a crash
  • Most of them have gotten towards the stage of their lives where they actually have some savings and can finally put some money aside for investments
  • This stock market crash seems like their once-in-a-decade opportunity that they’ve been waiting for, so everyone jumped in
  • Everyone’s stuck at their homes with vast amounts of unexpected free time on their hands
Most of these new investors got their first taste in the market near the bottom, and probably made some nice returns. Of course, since they didn’t know what they were doing, they probably put a very small amount of money at first, but after seeing a 10% return over one week, validating that maybe they do know something, they decide to slowly pour in more and more of their life savings. That’s what’s been fueling this bull market.
Sentiment & Magic Crayons
As I mentioned previously, this bull rally will keep going until enough bears convert to bulls. Markets go up when the amount of new bullish positions outnumber the amount of new bearish positions, and vice versa. Record amounts of new investors, who previously never held a position in the market before, fueled the bullish side of this equation, despite all the negative data that has come out and dislocating the price from fundamentals. All the smart money that was shorting the markets saw this happening, and flipped to become bulls because you don’t fight the trend, even if the trend doesn’t reflect reality.
From the data shown above, we can see new investor interest growth has started declining since mid March and started stagnating in early April. The declining volume in SPY since mid-March confirms this. That means, once the sentiment of the new retail investors starts to turn bearish, and everyone figures out how much the stocks they’re holding are really worth, another sell-off will begin. I’ve seen something very similar to this a few years ago with Bitcoin. Near the end of 2017, Bitcoin started to become mainstream and saw a flood of retail investors suddenly signing up for Coinbase (i.e. Robinhood) accounts and buying Bitcoin without actually understanding what it is and how it works. Suddenly everyone, from co-workers to grandparents, starts talking about Bitcoin and might have thrown a few thousand dollars into it. This appears to be a very similar parallel to what’s going on right now. Of course there’s differences here in that equities have an intrinsic value, although many of them have gone way above what they should be intrinsically worth, and the vast majority of retail investors don’t understand how to value companies. Then, during December, when people started thinking that the market was getting a bit overheated, some started taking their profits, and that’s when the prices crashed violently. This flip in sentiment now look like it has started with equities.
SPY daily
Technical Analysis, or magic crayons, is a discipline in finance that uses statistical analysis to predict market trends based on market sentiment. Of course, a lot of this is hand-wavy and is very subjective; two people doing TA on the same price history can end up getting opposite results, so TA should always be taken with a grain of salt and ideally be backed with underlying justification and not be blindly followed. In fact, I’ve since corrected the ascending wedge I had on SPY since my last post since this new wedge is a better fit for the new trading data.
There’s a few things going on in this chart. The entire bull rally we’ve had since the lows can be modelled using a rising wedge. This is a pattern where there is a convergence of a rising support and resistance trendline, along with falling volume. This indicates a slow decline in net bullish sentiment with investors, with smaller and smaller upside after each bounce off the support until it hits a resistance. The smaller the bounces, the less bullish investors are. When the bearish sentiment takes over across investors, the price breaks below this wedge - a breakdown, and indicates a start of another downtrend.
This happened when the wedge hit resistance at around 293, which is around the same price as the 200 day moving average, the 62% retracement (considered to be the upper bound of a bull trap), and a price level that acted as a support and resistance throughout 2019. The fact that it gapped down to break this wedge is also a strong signal, indicating a sudden swing in investor sentiment overnight. The volume of the break down also broke the downwards trend of volume we’ve had since the beginning of the bull rally, indicating a sudden surge of people selling their shares. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we will go straight from here, and I personally think that we will see the completion of a heads-and-shoulders pattern complete before SPY goes below 274, which in itself is a strong support level. In other words, SPY might go from 282 -> 274 -> 284 -> 274 before breaking the 274 support level.
VIX Daily
Doing TA is already sketchy, and doing TA on something like VIX is even more sketchy, but I found this interesting so I’ll mention it. Since the start of the bull rally, we’ve had VIX inside a descending channel. With the breakdown we had in SPY yesterday, VIX has also gapped up to have a breakout from this channel, indicating that we may see future volatility in the next week or so.
Putting Everything Together
Finally, we get to my thesis. This entire bull rally has been fueled by new retail investors buying the dip, bringing the stock price to euphoric levels. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing the people waiting at the sidelines for years to get into the stock market slowly FOMO into the rally in smaller and smaller volumes, while the smart money have been locking in their profits at an even slower rate - hence an ascending wedge. As the amount of new retail interest in the stock market started slowed down, the amount of new bulls started to decline. It looks like Friday might have been the start of the bearish sentiment taking over, meaning it’s likely that 293 was the top, unless any significant bullish events happen in the next two weeks like a fourth round of stimulus, in which case we might see 300. This doesn’t mean we’ll instantly go back to circuit breakers on Monday, and we might see 282 -> 274 -> 284 -> 274 happen before panic, this time by the first-time investors, eventually bringing us down towards SPY 180.
tldr; we've reached the top
EDIT - I'll keep a my live thoughts here as we move throughout this week in case anyone's still reading this and interested.
5/4 8PM - /ES was red last night but steadily climbed, which was expected since 1h RSI was borderline oversold, leaving us to a slightly green day. /ES looks like it has momentum going up, but is approaching towards overbought territory now. Expecting it to go towards 284 (possibly where we'll open tomorrow) and bouncing back down from that price level
5/5 Market Open - Well there goes my price target. I guess at this point it might go up to 293 again, but will need a lot of momentum to push back there to 300. Seems like this is being driven by oil prices skyrocketing.
5/5 3:50PM - Volume for the upwards price action had very little volume behind it. Seeing a selloff EOD today, could go either way although I have a bearish bias. Going to hold cash until it goes towards one end of the 274-293 channel (see last week's thesis). Still believe that we will see it drop below 274 next week, but we might be moving sideways in the channel this week and a bit of next week before that happens. Plan for tomorrow is buy short dated puts if open < 285. Otherwise, wait till it goes to 293 before buying those puts
5/5 6PM - What we saw today could be a false breakout above 284. Need tomorrow to open below 285 for that to be confirmed. If so, my original thesis of it going back down to 274 before bouncing back up will still be in play.
5/6 EOD - Wasn't a false breakout. Looks like it's still forming the head-and-shoulders pattern mentioned before, but 288 instead of 284 as the level. Still not sure yet so I'm personally going to be holding cash and waiting this out for the next few days. Will enter into short positions if we either go near 293 again or drop below 270. Might look into VIX calls if VIX goes down near 30.
5/7 Market Open - Still waiting. If we break 289 we're probably heading to 293. I'll make my entry to short positions when we hit that a second time. There's very little bullish momentum left (see MACD 1D), so if we hit 293 and then drop back down, we'll have a MACD crossover event which many traders and algos use as a sell signal. Oil is doing some weird shit.
5/7 Noon - Looks like we're headed to 293. Picked up VIX 32.5c 5/27 since VIX is near 30.
5/7 11PM - /ES is hovering right above 2910, with 4h and 1h charts are bullish from MACD and 1h is almost overbought in RSI. Unless something dramatic happens we'll probably hit near 293 tomorrow, which is where I'll get some SPY puts. We might drop down before ever touching it, or go all the way to 295 (like last time) during the day, but expecting it to close at or below 293. After that I'm expecting a gap down Monday as we start the final leg down next week towards 274. Expecting 1D MACD to crossover in the final leg down, which will be a signal for bears to take over and institutions / day traders will start selling again
5/8 Market Open - Plan is to wait till a good entry today, either when technicals looks good or we hit 293, and then buy some SPY June 285p and July 275p
5/8 Noon - Everything still going according to plan. Most likely going to slowly inch towards 293 by EOD. Will probably pick up SPY puts and more VIX calls at power hour (3 - 4PM). Monday will probably gap down, although there's a small chance of one more green / sideways day before that happens if we have bullish catalysts on the weekend.
5/8 3:55PM - SPY at 292.60. This is probably going to be the closest we get to 293. Bought SPY 290-260 6/19 debit spreads and 292-272 5/15 debit spreads, as well as doubling down on VIX calls from yesterday, decreasing my cost basis. Still looks like there's room for one more green day on Monday, so I left some money on the side to double down if that's the case, although it's more likely than not we won't get there.
5/8 EOD - Looks like we barely touched 293 exactly AH before rebounding down. Too bad you can't buy options AH, but more convinced we'll see a gap down on Monday. Going to work on another post over the weekend and do my updates there. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Bitcoin Price Will Now Never Officially go to Zero — Heres Why (current BTC/USD price is $9,233.54)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bitcoin Price Will Now Never Officially go to Zero — Heres Why
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The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools.
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Trump told Treasury Secretary go after Bitcoin, according to John Boltons new book (current BTC/USD price is $9,589.44)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Trump told Treasury Secretary go after Bitcoin, according to John Boltons new book
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The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools.
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Will bitcoin go up: the fundamental bull case for BTC (current BTC/USD price is $9,486.01)

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Will bitcoin go up: the fundamental bull case for BTC
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The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools.
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Bitcoin going to 0$ during a price crash will be saved by exchanges? (current BTC/USD price is $9,164.59)

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Bitcoin going to 0$ during a price crash will be saved by exchanges?
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Boltons Book: President Trump Wanted To “Go After” Bitcoin As Early As 2018 (current BTC/USD price is $9,440.71)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Boltons Book: President Trump Wanted To “Go After” Bitcoin As Early As 2018
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Ethereum is considering scalability with Layer 2 strategy and sharding

Scalability is considered a hurdle for wider use of the blockchain. Ethereum is also faced with this problem. But technologies like sharding and layer 2 strategies should solve the problem in the future.
The scalability of a blockchain is particularly difficult because, with a typical blockchain design, every node in the network has to process every transaction, which limits the transaction processing capacity of the entire system to the capacity of a single node, "says Decrypt Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin Blog post from the Ethereum Foundation from over two years ago again.
The developers recognized the problem of network utilization at that time. At that time, Buterin had identified various scaling strategies. Firstly, sharding, in which transactions are carried out without each node processing every transaction according to the principle mentioned, and secondly, layer 2 protocols, in which transactions take place outside the blockchain.

Layer 2 strategy and sharding

On June 1, Buterin then tweeted that "While no one was looking, the initial introduction of Ethereum's Layer 2 scaling strategy was basically successful". "What is left is improvement and commitment."
The plasma second-layer solution, which works similarly to Bitcoin's lightning network, enables "so-called branches to be used off-chain to process smart contracts with higher volumes," explains crypto-news-flash. Complementary to this is Sharding, a first-layer scalability solution that uses micro-chains to validate various transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.
In combination with plasma, sharding should increase the scalability of the Ethereum network, according to Buterin, by one million transactions per second. As a result, as crypto-news-flash reports, Ethereum could even overtake major credit card companies such as Visa or MasterCard.

Scalability as a hurdle for wider use of the blockchain

When it comes to Buterin, token transfers will have to be switched to layer 2 solutions in the future as well, since they used up a large part of the network activity, Decrypt reports. In his opinion, the existing hurdles are not of a technical nature: "This is an adaptation challenge, not a technical challenge. Part of this adaptation challenge is to tighten the guarantees so that users feel comfortable inside and in the L2 system".
The fact that Tether recently announced that it is processing transactions in the OmiseGo network (OMG) seems to show, according to Decrypt, that the scalability of the Ethereum network is currently still a problem. If Ethereum succeeds in using the layer 2 technology to reserve the main chain only for "high-security projects, complex transactions and for bridging and validating layer 2 chains" and thus relieve the network, this could increase scalability contribute and give Ethereum a boost.

Ethereum benefits from improvements

Bitcoin has only recently grown strongly again in the recent past, broke the $ 10,000 mark again and rose by around 8.5 percent to $ 9,666.14 last month (as of June 3, 2020). But Ethereum has also benefited from the improvement of its technology and has grown strongly since its crash in March. Last month, Ethereum saw a price increase of around 16.5 percent to $ 244.52. And maybe the evolution of scalability will soon give Ethereum another boost.
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JP Morgan—Bitcoins Biggest Enemy—Suddenly Appears To Be Going All In On Crypto (current BTC/USD price is $9,661.16)

Latest Bitcoin News:
JP Morgan—Bitcoins Biggest Enemy—Suddenly Appears To Be Going All In On Crypto
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Over $7 Billion Worth Of Stablecoins Are Now Under Ethereum’s Hat

Over $7 Billion Worth Of Stablecoins Are Now Under Ethereum’s Hat

Is The Stablecoin Market Showing Signs Of True Adoption Of Ethereum-Based Products And Services?
Just two months before the much-anticipated ETH 2.0 network update, data from Ethereum monitoring service shows that over $7,3 billion worth of stablecoins are currently circulating on the Ethereum’s blockchain.
Stablecoin projects are designed to mitigate the volatility issues cryptocurrencies have, by pegging stablecoins to a single or a basket of cryptocurrencies. The most of the value stablecoins have on Ethereum’s blockchain goes to Tether (USDT), as the leader in stablecoins currently has over $5,73 billion worth of USDT tokens operating under Ethereum’s hat.
The second most-influential stablecoin on the Ethereum’s network is USDCoin (USDC), with a total of $726 million worth of tokens. Paxos (PAX) is third with a little over $250 million, while BinanceUSD (BUSD) managed to secure $180 million of the total $7,3 billion stablecoin market share on Ethereum.
Other stablecoin projects include Gemini Dollar (GUSD), MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin, as well as Huobi USD (HUSD).
Ethereum, however, is still the most dominant altcoin, mostly due to its smart contract capabilities, which made stablecoin projects bloom after the 2018 crypto winter. Meanwhile, in 2019 the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications market proliferated and secured over a billion dollars, locked in DeFi apps until February 2020.
The most probable reason for the DeFi blooming is that Ethereum is freed from any fiat interference, as interest and loans are transferred solely on a decentralized ledger, which leads to a boost in the adoption of DeFi apps.
Gaining traction in 2019 and going strong in 2020, stablecoins managed to outperform regular cryptocurrencies. For example, Tether (USDT) jumped over Bitcoin Cash to claim the fourth place in the ranking of the best-performing cryptocurrencies.
And despite crypto prices stabilizing in the past week, Tether has always been targeted as a go-to “gateway” to the world of cryptocurrencies. Statistics show that in January 2019, USDT tokens on Ethereum’s network were worth only $60 million, compared to the entire share of stablecoins, running on Ethereum, which roughly estimated at $835 million.
However, in April 2020, the share of USDT in Ethereum’s stablecoin mix is now $4,4 billion out of the entire ETH stablecoin share of $5.9 billion. In just a month Tether gained $1,3 billion, which correlates with respective trading activities in the crypto sector.

Source: Messari Twitter account
Tether is also constantly minting more and more tokens into circulation, as the demand for USDT increases. Crypto transactions watchdog WhaleAlert published a report, showing a fresh batch of 200 million USDT tokens entered into circulation on May 14. The minting spree also correlates with the 110% year-to-date market growth by the controversial stablecoin.
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Fed go brrr: Federal Reserve meme strikes chord with Bitcoin believers (current BTC/USD price is $8,929.96)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Fed go brrr: Federal Reserve meme strikes chord with Bitcoin believers
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Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Creator Will Go Dark if BTC Price Hits 6 Figures (current BTC/USD price is $9,271.23)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Creator Will Go Dark if BTC Price Hits 6 Figures
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PlanB Says Bitcoin is Going to Be Much Bigger Than Just an Asset (current BTC/USD price is $8,939.94)

Latest Bitcoin News:
PlanB Says Bitcoin is Going to Be Much Bigger Than Just an Asset
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Huobi Exchange Review

Huobi was founded in 2013 by their current CEO and chairman, Leon Li. Li’s background includes having attended Tshingua University, specializing in Automation. Before starting the Huobi Group, Li spent time as a computer engineer at Oracle. In December of 2013, Huobi was named as the largest digital asset exchange operating in China. 2017 saw Huobi extend their limbs into Korea, Singapore, and Japan.
Currently, Huobi has headquarters of various financial sectors based in: Singapore; South Korea; Japan; Australia; Indonesia; Russia; Argentina; Thailand; and China. The company has strived to give customers not only a great exchange, but a great resource for any service one may need. Despite the many difficulties faced with Chinese government in regards to cryptocurrency laws, Huobi has managed to adapt to the changes and thrive globally, eventually branching off into various sectors including venture capital, a cryptocurrency wallet project, and a division dedicated to working with mining pools.

spot trading : Huobi offers several different platforms to serve any customer’s needs. For starters, Huobi offers a standard spot trading platform that operates similarly to many other spot trading platforms in the industry. The platform features a multi-timeframe chart, a depth chart, and integration with TradingView (including their tools). Customers are able to view the order book and the asset trading history, as well as their own personal order history. Limit orders, Market orders, and Stop-Limit orders are all available options for traders.
margin trading : For the trader that prefers to trade with a little more volume or risk, Huobi offers a Margin trading platform. Customers can apply for loans through Huobi to trade a greater quantity of cryptocurrencies and profit from the price spread. The original loan must be paid back, and accounts can be liquidated if the risk ratio falls below 110% (calculated as: [(Loaned Amount + Tradable Balance) Total Asset] / [(Interest Payable + Loaned Amount)] x 100%.) Traders can margin trade with Bitcoin; Ethereum; XRP; Litecoin; Bitcoin Cash; and EOS. These assets can be traded with USDT or BTC.
futures trading : Huobi also offers a Futures trading platform. While margin trading can be risky, trading contracts is said to be very high-risk. With that being said, Huobi offers Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Quarterly contracts in Bitcoin; Ethereum Classic; Ethereum; EOS; Litecoin; Bitcoin Cash; XRP; TRX; and Bitcoin SV.
OTC(P2P) - The OTC, or over-the-counter, section of Huobi offers potential buyers and sellers a way to move large quantities of coins without exposure to the fickle exchange market. Certified merchants can register here, and slippage can be minimized by matching buyers and sellers directly instead of creating market orders.

While you do have the online trading interface, Huobi does have computer programs and mobile apps that you can use.
I found that the PC programmes were more functional as they did not have to rely on the PC browser and were hence much faster. They also have better charting and you are in more control of your trading parameters. These programs are available on Windows and Mac devices.
However, if you are a trader that is always on the go, that is where the Huobi mobile apps come in. These were developed for the main exchange but you can switch to the derivative markets on the futures and swaps platform.
This was a pretty well designed application and you have one-touch ordering as well as some basic charting functionality. The app is available in iOS and Android and you can head on over to the respective app stores to get a sense of the feedback.

Huobi operates a hot and cold wallet storage procedure. This means that they keep the vast amount of their coin holdings in an offline environment away from hackers. They then have a smaller percentage in “hot” wallets with multisig capability.
They also operate a decentralized server structure around the world which can ensure uptime irrespective of whether one of the servers goes down. You can think of this as effective load balancing.
Finally, they have anti DDoS measures in place. We all know that crypto exchanges are prime targets for Denial of Service attacks and it can be quite frustrating when these are perpetrated in peak market times.

Huobi, like many exchanges in the space, has had, at one time, some shady history, but for the most part, has managed to maintain a clean reputation. Historically, Chinese exchanges have shown to operate in accordance with different standards, with many exchanges having to suffer at the will and whim of the Chinese government. Some of the controversy Huobi has seen in the past has been a result of this (particularly with the Chinese ban on ICO tokens). It should be noted that in 2017, the exchange did invest into “wealth-management products” using idle customer funds. This sort of activity shouldn’t be taken lightly.
However, with that being said, the exchange continues to turn over a large amount of volume. For the most part, the exchange can be considered a trustworthy platform to trade popular and exotic cryptocurrencies. This does not mean it is entirely safe to store user funds on the exchange, as the exchange (or the user funds) can be susceptible to risk at any given moment. No matter how comfortable one may be with the internet, one should always remember that the internet is not as safe as many would like to believe. Huobi does have measures in place in the unfortunate event that an account is breached, and if verifiable, the customer may be able to retrieve lost funds.
A unique feature offered on Huobi is their Official Media Authenticator. This essentially lets users enter the URL of a content channel to see if the channel is authentic. A feature like this, while seemingly simple, could save anyone from potentially losing their funds due to a scam or phishing website.

Huobi Global offers a signficant host of features to its users and has maintained its credibility over a long period of time. This is largely one of the main reasons it a ranked as a top 4 exchange by liquidity as its users trust their funds there.
After establishing itself in Asia, Huobi is trying to branch out and take on other areas of the globe which is great news for Western traders. Additionally, the Huobi prime platform could provide some great opportunities for the exchange users moving forward.

Huobi Website:
Huobi Indian Community:
Huobi Global Community:
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Bitcoin Going Viral on Chinese Twitter Is a Big Boost Ahead of Halving (current BTC/USD price is $7,169.21)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bitcoin Going Viral on Chinese Twitter Is a Big Boost Ahead of Halving
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[Offer] Fully Custom Website + 1 Year Hosting & .com Domain + SSL [$100]

I will create you a fully custom website based on any examples you will give me. We are not talking about wordpress or squarespace or wix or whatever, I will create your site from scratch using pure html and css (js if needed). It will work great for any purpose, either if you own a business, sell things, want a portfolio or any other type of website. Forget about copy-paste websites based on the same template over and over again, stand out from the crowd with something unique.
Included in price:
Sold seperately:
  • Every additional page on the site +$10;
  • Script integration (Anything except ecommerce stuff, too tacky, go to shopify);
  • Email integration (Let people contact you by email from site) +$10;
  • Chat integration (Chat with visitors live) +$20;
  • Custom Graphical element (Logos, Photoshopped images, vectors...) +$10;
  • SEO (Make your website discoverable on google, bing or yahoo.);
  • Gallery (A dedicated page to dump ton of photos or videos); +$10;
  • AD integration (To milk money from users on your site);
  • Adding music or visual effects (Very 00s, but I won't judge); +$10;
Everyone likes moving pictures
Recent projects for clients, (work in progress):
  • Q: Why shouldn't I go for a wordpress site?
  • A: You won't have to learn to use complicated control panel, pay any monthly fees, pay to get extra features and won't be limited to wordpress features or the platform itself.

  • Q: Then why is everyone using wordpress?
  • A: Making basic wordpress sites is easy and people do buy them. Also it's convenient if you plan on updating your content very often or need a ton of plugins that are only available on wordpress. (& Many other pros and cons, you decide.)

  • Q: How long will it take?
  • A: Depending on the size of the project 1 - 5 days.

  • Q: How do I pay?
  • A: PayPal, Bitcoin, CashApp, Skrill, Kidneys, anything really.

  • Q: When do i pay?
  • A: 20% before, 80% after.
Send me a PM for a free and fast quote, just tell me what you have in mind!
  • (If you know what you want please be as specific as possible, it will reduce delivery time)
  • Let me know if you need something highly custom, like you want a site to stream your cats 24/7 or you want a site that collects IP's or maybe something accessibility oriented with spoken content of the site...
  • I can also bring your old company site or portfolio to 21st century.
  • Bonus: Cheap landing pages! Need a one page site with few lines of text, a photo and a link or a button to share on social media and such? ~$30;
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SCAM Alert !!!! is a fraud company. do not use them also under BUYEGLCOM

📷Bitcoin•Posted byu/muneer29082 years ago
Hello, Thank you for contacting Simplex Support. - this was before i even had a wallet created
Going over your transactions, it would seem that the BCH, you've purchased has already been transferred to your account.​You can see it listed to the address provided on the blockchain: If you do not see your funds in the wallet, please contact your wallet provider for further investigation.​ Please kindly be aware that since your payment was already approved and the cryptocurrency has already been sent, there is nothing we can do - once the cryptocurrency is sent, we have no more control over it and our part in the transaction is over. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email. All the best,DaveSimplex Support Team📷 For live updates 📷

SCAM Alert !!!! is a fraud company.

SCAM Alert !!!! is a fraud company. Save yourself. Never use your credit card on any platform (e.g., etc) that has partnered with for credit card purchases. This is a 101% scam.
Never use your credit card to buy bitcoins from any platform who are partnered with for processing of credit card payments. is a scam to steal your hard earned money. they are crooks of ultimate order. save yourself from being scammed. you have been warned.
31 CommentsGive AwardShareSaveHideReport60% UpvotedThis thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castSORT BYBestView discussions in 1 other communitylevel 1sagy19896 points· 2 years ago
i dont know guys what are you talking about !! i bought from them like 5 or 6 time with no problem , it was fast and i received all my btc within an hour , i only dont like the 7.5% fees they charge , but they still the cheapest btc seller i experienced
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2ChickfilaPlug1 point· 1 year ago
How long did it take to recieve your tokens
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 3bablon791 point· 1 year ago
I was have good experience with SIMPLEX but one time I buy Bitcoin after 5 days I received email say you cancel my transaction And you will Refund my money back Within 42 hours I wait more than 5 days you never return my money back I called my bank to cancel transaction very bad service sorry Sarah ( go find you another job)
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1cyb3r_joe3 points· 2 years ago
Well I purchased btc from CoinGate/Simplex using a credit card and I am starting to regret. I thought it would be the "easiest way to buy btc with credit card" according to their website... So here's the process, they ask for your wallet address, then, all you credit card info, then a selfie of you holding the credit card, then they withdraw funds, and ask for more info like upload of image of you DL, as I was doing this the site crashed, but they withdrew the $$ from my bank account. I got one email from simplex stating--- basically they take your money without verifying!!! Like if you can't handle amount if transactions, DO NOT take peoples money. NOT COOL!!!
"Thank you for submitting your payment. It is currently being verified. Simplex payment ID: XXXX XXX XX X XXXX Please note the this verification process may take some time. We appreciate your patience, as we are fully committed to ensure you receive a quick response. So, what’s going on with your money now? Simplex is currently verifying your transaction. It is possible that you will notice a charge in your credit card account. This is only an authorization check, automatically made in order to reserve the amount in case the payment is approved. If the payment doesn't go through (cancelled, expired or failed), this authorization check will be voided in no more than 48 hours, and you will not see the charge in your account.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2Comment deleted by user2 years agolevel 3cyb3r_joe1 point· 2 years ago
No, sorry to report that simplex has not yet delivered my coins, approved the transaction, or canceled the pending charge on my account
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 4ChickfilaPlug1 point· 1 year ago
Did you ever recieve your coins or money back? Stumbling across this old post as I purchased 3 hours ago and haven't recieved my coins
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1SarahKinney3 points· 2 years ago
My name is Sarah and I am the Head of Customer Relations at Simplex.
I understand your frustration and will do my best to help you out.
First I would like to assure you that Simplex is not a scam. We are a fully licensed financial institute in the EU, and take extreme measures to ensure the safety of all the transactions that are sent to us.
Kindly send me your transaction ID so I could take a closer look and handle the issue personally: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
The transaction ID is the long string of numbers and letters that appear in any of the emails we sent you regarding your payment.
Sarah Kinney Head of Customer Relations Simplex
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2iamchriswick2 points· 2 years ago
So, miss Kinney...
As you have failed to comply with the regulations of Norwegian law, and the vast amount of customer complaints towards you from our clients in Norway, we have decided to send out an red flag alert warning all our clients to stay away from using your services.
C.W. VISA Europe
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2sector801 point· 2 years ago
Please take a look at this transaction and tell me what is going on I never completed of verification and cancelled but funds were still taken please inform me what is going on if you are not a scammer?? Simplex payment ID: ebca70a7-801f-4706-b669-c305568be80d
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1paulsepolia3 points· 2 years ago
SCAM. They charged my credit card £1200 and never received the receipt and the bitcoins ...
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2Mk1spyder3 points· 2 years ago
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2TheBatGlitters3 points· 2 years ago
This happened to me... right now. My money is gone and there are no coins. I think I will be needing to contact my bank about this.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1yusa243 points· 2 years ago
same thing happened to me can i cancel my bank transaction?
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1skyracer7772 points· 2 years ago
Simplex is 100% Scam I have exactly the same issue, exactly same replies from them, generic emails. 1 month after no resolution and my ticket deleted. Credit card charged no Crypto no $ returned. I have requested my bank to reverse transaction. What i think is going to happen is that Australian banks will start declining transactions to crypto wallets.
Other thing is i think we should punish this sort of fckrs We could start a class action lawsuit:
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1PrinceShootingStars2 points· 1 year ago
I saw this post as soon as I made €200 payment via Changelly and I was scared to death that I've lost money again. However, while I was here worrying and going through the post, little didi I know that an email had been sent to me that the verification was successful and that my BTC would be deposited into my wallet soon and voila, I checked my wallet and I found the BTC there. I'm talking about less than 20 minutes here guys, so you can't imagine my joy, it was as if somebody gave me money.
My take: Those that encountered problem could be due to the fact that they are mostly Non-European holders and that Simplex has problem linking well with USD cards, I live in Europe and they are European based company, so they might find it easier to integrate well with European SEPA cards (in my own case). It could also be that they had major transaction problems before which has now been resolved. All these are just my assumptions, so disregard anything that sounds like jargons t you.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1crypto_master5001 point· 2 years ago
I had an experience where I tried to purchase 1 BTC from them in June and they charged my card but never delivered the BTC on Bitstamp. My credit card refunded the transaction.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1raghav9861 point· 2 years ago
Yes it's a scam
My payment id's
Simplex payment ID: 8b2342a2-4884-4c38-834c-8712be2e93d6 Simplex payment ID: db4f5df7-de09-4d78-87e6-d7633aa99ed2
For one transaction of 750$ i didn't even received ID from them but money got deducted. They don't reply at all
My 2700$ stucked.
They guys removed my reviews from trust pilot and facebook.
check here i shared some screenshot as well
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1cyb3r_joe1 point· 2 years ago
This is Simplex CEO/ Founder
Nimrod Lehavi
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1cryptosubba1 point· 2 years ago
I also purchased bitcoins from on 13th. 12, 2017 using and it is now 17th. and they have not refunded the amount that they had charged in full.
I have posted about it at:
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1Jmahumada1 point· 2 years ago
Credit card charged after payment request cancellation from Changelly
I wanted to exchange money from Changelly using my credit card, so I went through the process. I was taken to SIMPLEX API and entered my details; however I did not get to upload my picture holding the card for verification and decided to CANCEL the payment.
To my surprise, my money was WITHDRAWN from my account regardless. I've checked with my bank and they have confirmed this.
I emailed support 12 hours ago and still waiting for someone to have the kindness to reply.
I received a follow up URL when I emailed support, however it does not go anywhere. I am also not allowed to login or register using my Changelly email address AND on top of that social media login does not work either.
I am getting very anxious due to the large number of complaints, so I am wondering how long to wait for a payment reversal transaction before initiating a dispute through my bank; I did not buy any coins and ended up with a charge of $2,072.69 NZD on my credit card.
Payment cancellation email I received was as follows:
Dear xxxx, Your payment request from Changelly has been cancelled. You chose to cancel the payment. Simplex payment ID: aa16338a-a0e9-448d-b6f4-7e85bbfe0279 For more information, contact us at... or visit our FAQ section at faq. Please do not try to reach Simplex's support using any other method (such as social media), as you might be mislead by imposters ...
Should I hear from Simplex I'll let you all know by posting here and I am more than happy to amend my rating; at this stage this is purely based on the support I've received from them, and of course the unhappiness of my credit card being charged without having purchased anything
I'll appreciate any feedback from guys. Cheers, Jose.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1[deleted]1 point· 2 years ago
This happened to me as well.
Ordered bitcoins on 21 Dec 2017 Paid for bitcoins on 21 Dec 2017 ID provided on 21 Dec 2017 Bitcoin price crashed and recovered Order cancelled on 26 Dec 2017 Emailed Simplex support and payment support on 27 Dec 2017 - no response Emailed Simplex support and payment support on 28 Dec 2017 - no response Emailed Simplex support and payment support on 8 Jan 2017 - no response Emailed [email protected] on 9 Jan 2017 - waiting
ShareReportSavelevel 1Beetlemire1 point· 1 year ago
I've been going through this same scenario as everyone else here. Went through Mycelium to by bitcoin on the 10th of this month. Was sent to simplex for verification. Stayed in touch with their customer service and was told it could take 2 to 3 days. Had to send photo of license and everything else. Was planning on contacting them again tomorrow and then having cc charge back if nothing happened.
Well I just received an email that my payment was cancelled due to changes in BTC rate. I'm happy to report that my money has been returned to my card (i use a secured cc cause I was a fool in my younger days, not that much has changed). I just wanted to report this to give some of you hope. The last 2 days I've been stressful as hell. It was less then $100 but for me that's a lot of money to lose. Good luck to you all.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2ChickfilaPlug1 point· 1 year ago
I recently just bought earlier today and am worried if I'll get my bitcoins or if I'm going to get scammed
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1deech0131 point· 1 year ago
I didn't do my due diligence, and never heard of SIMPLEX defrauding Bitcoin consumers. And so, I exchanged around a c-note into BTC through on 02/21/2018, and the funds appeared in my Wallet within a few hours.... So maybe they don't scam everyone???
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1uclabruinfan751 point· 1 year ago
A more appropriate description for simplex would be money launderers. I have made over 10 debit card transactions with Simplex - the charges are authorized by my bank and then Simplex, for some inexplicable reason, will credit back my account for that exact amount with no explanation given. I have completed all the required verifications so simplex knows that the charge is being made from my debit card. basically money goes from my bank to simplex and simplex returns that exact amount to my bank.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1[deleted]1 point· 1 year ago
Was going to make a small purchase earlier (~$100) but I wasn't aware they would require a photo of my ID. This isn't happening, no chance in hell. The "live chat" available on their site is fully automated, makes no difference what your question is you'll get standard pre determined responses. I've received an e-mail stating my transaction has been cancelled due to my not providing the proper ID - in the same e-mail it says my card should not have been changed yet, even though it already has. Be careful with this one, SCAM.
ShareReportSavelevel 1acmehash1 point· 1 year ago
I sent in almost 100 dollars. They of course wanted photos of my ID so of course I sent them. They immediately sent an email saying that they were not good enough quality try again. So I took pics of it again. Then 6 hours later then declined my payment and accused me of fraud, "called me a fraudster", but still charged my card.
Your payment request has been declined.
Please note that we do not disclose the reason for declined payments. This is because unfortunately we have seen these reasons being used by fraudsters to create fraudulent transactions.
For your reference:
Simplex payment ID: 1f577e5b-f128-4571-9573-2b18d1d32414
For any questions, please contact us by chat at or email at [email protected]. Please do not try to reach Simplex's support using any other method (such as social media), as you might be misled by imposters. Please always refer to your Simplex ID when contacting support.
Please note that your credit card has NOT been charged. The funds have been placed on authorization hold in order to reserve the amount in case the payment was approved. Since your transaction has been declined, this authorization check will be voided. This typically takes the bank 48-72 business hours (not including Saturday or Sunday). Please let us know if you do not see the funds released after that time.
The Simplex Team
This email was automatically generated so please do not reply to it.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1Sooty171 point· 1 year ago
I am so disappointed with Simplex. I have bough ETH previously and all was fine. Now 18 days later and no sign of my 5+ ETH. I had to work out the problem - even though they confirm I bought ETH it was put on the Blockchain without the ETH code 0x!!!
Their response oh it will take some time to resolve on hitBTC - they sent the wrong message....which I had to identify!!!
Rating of 1
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1satoshiAfrica1 point· 1 year ago
This is discouraging. After creating an account on BTCC and undergoing a complex verification. i just landed on this post. Really difficult
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1Sooty171 point· 1 year ago
After 5 weeks chasing and chasing and chasing.
I have been scammed £3000 when I only wanted 1 x $1800 - do the maths.
When it didn't arrive I eventually was advised it was sent by "contract" by SIMPLEX which HITBTC "were not set up for" but it would arrive in my account. SIMPLEX are HITBTC's preferred agent but take no responsibility for delivery.
It would be applied to my wallet "manually". 4 weeks later I am finally advised....
Tonight I am advised that it has been applied to a wallet not related to my account.
Day after day I have chased politely .... after 5 weeks I lost out on EOS and have lost my £3000.
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 1Sooty171 point· 1 year ago
Hi Guys,
Update for Sooty17. After 38 days and over 40 emails to Simplex and HITBTC I finally have my coins!
I seem to have finally gained traction through [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) though I have had so many explanations as to where the coins where I wont know anything conclusive.
Anyway happy to get my coins at last. And keep trying!
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Bombshell 74-Page Report Shows JP Morgan is Closely Exploring Bitcoin Options (current BTC/USD price is $9,190.50)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bombshell 74-Page Report Shows JP Morgan is Closely Exploring Bitcoin Options
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Cryptocurrency volatility has always been a major characteristics that most traders find beneficial while for others, it is observed as intensely inconvenient. The peculiar characteristics of price swings cannot allow cryptocurrency to be a perfect medium for payments and exchange, because it's price value is unpredictable and changes more than twice in a given month. Researchers have taken up action to develop creative means to handle this problem of volatility and a new kind of cryptocurrency named "STABLECOIN" was developed to be the solution desired by crypto traders. Stablecoins are digital currencies utilized as means of exchange and store of value because it's value remains stable. Developed to be a cryptocurrency implies that stablecoin operates on a standard level that is not controlled by central authority, thus provides anonymity, security, decentralized features and efficiency coupled with low volatility characteristics of fiat money. Despite stablecoin features of displaying characteristics pertaining to conventional cryptocurrencies, the price level of stablecoin won't be determined by abstract factors which leads to variability. Instead, stablecoins are pegged to rate and value of commodities with price stability such as gold , ore, silver and many more. The benefits and increasing number of stablecoins continues to gain momentum and fame which serve as catalyst to maximize the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a medium of daily transactions and payment. Therefore, stablecoins helps traders and business owners to possibly avoid volatile market swings, mitigating risks that leads to loss of monetary value of users funds. However, stablecoin has been shown to have some disadvantages which is unappealing to businesses and trading activities. Unlike convectional cryptocurrencies, stablecoins cannot be used as an investment asset because stablecoins are highly dependent on assets it is bonded to. For example, an asset worth 50 USD purchased with stablecoin will remain 50 USD in the future. Another issue is trust, due to the nature of centralized banking system, most individuals believe that stablecoins pegged to fiat money cannot provide sufficient anonymity for their owners. These challenges have hindered the use of stablecoins by traders and business owners, thus Crypcore was developed to provide necessary solutions to the challenges faced by modern day stablecoins. CRYCORE ECOSYSTEM Forked from Monero, Crypcore is designed on cryptographically secure and anonymous crytponote protocol, wherein Crypcore ecosystem integrates a reliable solvency equation, flexible cryptocurrency exchange and efficient crytponote protocol to build a coin with stable price. The Crypcore stablecoin will not operate as a convectional cryptocurrency stablecoin but as a dynamic stablecoin which offers innovative means in securing price stability in mainstream markets. Before going further, let me briefly explain about cryptonote protocol and solvency equation for benefits of those unaware. CRYPTONOTE PROTOCOL Cryptonote protocol is developed as an application layer that handles issues related to Bitcoin protocol. It was first introduced in 2012, some famed coins such as bytecoin and Monero utilize it due to it's advantage of being more efficient than bitcoin protocol. Cryptonote offers these coins benefit of providing more high level of privacy than other cryptocurrencies. Crypcore developers aims to provide more anonymity standards to their end users, which is why they leveraged the version of cryptonote protocol forked from Monero and therefore, possess features related to Monero in all aspects. SOLVENCY EQUATION The solvency equation integrated into Crypcore exchange spearheads pricing of Crypcore units. Use of solvency equation ensures that Crypcore stablecoin (CRYP) will not be pegged unlike traditional cryptocurrency stablecoins, instead price of CRYP is regulated when Crypcore exchange utilize crypto collateral to process transactions which increases stability of CRYP and eliminates price swings. Cryptonote protocol and solvency equation are important factors that helps to maintain growth of Crypcore ecosystem. The developers have also created other unique features to support the development of Crypcore which includes ; Crypcore mining, Crypcore wallet, Crypcore exchange and Crypcore blockchain. CRYPCORE BLOCKCHAIN Mainly consist of cryptonote protocol and block explorer. This two components of Crypcore blockchain provides low transaction fees, high speed, security and transparency for any type of transactions performed within Crypcore ecosystem. CRYPCORE WALLETS Crypcore wallet is designed to be accessible and non-complex for easy understanding. The wallets are secure and developed with counter measures against hacks, thus competent for securing funds of users. CRYPCORE EXCHANGE The exchange serve an important role in regulating prices of CRYP. Using the exchange solvency equation as explained earlier coupled with fees charged within Crypcore exchange will be used in managing price of Crypcore stablecoin. Fees acquired are used to increase collateral, then strategy of averaging is implemented which increases the value of CRYP to meet up with price swings, significantly provides good profit for owners. This implies that in contrast to conventional stablecoins, CRYP will be a good source of investment. Crypcore exchange is created with high quality security systems to protect funds against frauds and hacks while debit card integrated feature will enable traders to purchase cryptocurrencies conveniently. CONCLUSION Crypcore ecosystem establishes more opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to benefit from advanced crypto trading included with issued dynamic stablecoin that gives out profit to holders, regardless of the market volatility. For more details : Website: Whitepaper:\_whitepaper\_version\_1.pdf Telegram:\_group Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: My Bitcointalk Username : Johnson Knight Bitcointalk Profile URL :;u=2326370;sa=summary Wallet Address : 0x56D391aD6C5Fe4b4faee3FCF9C7D32D9BD2feeCA
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US Bitcoin Firm BitGo Launches Two New Crypto Custodies in Europe (current BTC/USD price is $9,833.24)

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US Bitcoin Firm BitGo Launches Two New Crypto Custodies in Europe
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5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Likely Going Much Higher From Here (current BTC/USD price is $9,355.24)

Latest Bitcoin News:
5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Likely Going Much Higher From Here
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If I could do it all over again

I have bought over 50 replicas over the past three years and I would like to pass on that knowledge. The first thing you need to know is that the factories and middlemen don't give a fuck about you. Second thing is that I don't know what I'm talking about and I don't want this to be a discussion on which factory is best. I just wanted to give my perspective regardless of how wrong it may be.
Also I think it would be a good idea to talk about my background because if we have similar backgrounds or interests this information will be valuable and if we don't, hopefully it will be entertaining. I'm your typically 30 year old nerd that likes art and history which is the reason why I like sneakers. To me the shoes I bought is a form of art and every shoe has some history/story behind it. I live in a area where know one knows or cares about sneakers. Which is totally fine for me because I'm not buying the shoes to impress and I couldn't possibly imagine a place where people are impressed by shoes just because they cost a lot or live in a place where people could actually tell if a shoe is fake. I personally don't think those people exist in RL but just on this sub. I just want to say again that I don't have a clue on what I'm talking about.
My ranking of shoes.
Jordans: 1, 4, and 11 in that order
Yeezy: 700, 750, and 350v2 - I don't recommend the 350v1 because the v2 are better in every way. The only reason why the v1 cost so much resale is because of the rarity.
Shoe Factory Comments
350v2 Sesame, Cream, and Butter BMLin 160 Super cheap and extremely accurate
Jordan 1 Chicago BM Lin P420 I have the Will version but I would go with the BM Lin because I don't think there's much of a difference to justify double the price. Granted I don't beat my shoes so all the shoes I've bought will probably last me my entire life, I think I would still save the money and buy more quantity of shoe because I don't see the quality difference.
Jordan 1 Banned BM Lin 420
Jordan 1 Game Royal BM Lin 420
Jordan 1 Pine Green BM Lin 420 I bought the 158sir and they are freaking awesome especially for the price, but I don't think this will ever come back.
Jordan 1 Purple BM Lin 420
Jordan 1 Bred Toe BM Lin 420
Jordan 1 SBB BM Lin 420 This particular colorway has a lot of hype because of the tumbled leather, I have the solefly from Will and people compare that leather to the SBB and I don't see much difference than my solefly to my BM LIN 420 bred toes. In fact I had five people that don't know anything about shoes compare the leather between the solefly and the bred toes and everyone said the bred toes were better.
Jordan 1 Fragment BM Lin 420 text
Yeezy 700 Wave Runner PK The shoe I have know is a $60 dhgate which to say the least is crap, but I wasn't totally sold on this silhouette of a shoe, but once I had it in hand, I think now its my favorite shoe of all time. That and because the PK is practically perfect is the reason why I would splurge on this shoe.
Yeezy 700 Mauve BM Lin 160 It's not my favorite colorway and the 160 version I own is so good I don't think spending more than double is the best bang for my buck.
Yeezy 700 Interia ??? I like this colorway better than the Mauve but there is only higher end batches out and I have more patience than money so I'm waiting this out.
Yeezy 750 Grey Gum PK This is another shoe that I thought was ugly until I saw it in person, now its one of my favorite shoes and I have all four colorways. The problem is the KO batch I have doesn't seem to have that thick suede like retail. The pictures I've seen of the PK seems to be thicker but Bruce told me the KO batch is the best batch so I went with that.
Yeezy 750 Chocolate BM LIN? The 158sir might be awesome but by the time you are reading this they are probably sold out. I've seen some pictures of BM Lin and they look good but I'm not sure if anyone makes a great batch of 750's anymore.
Yeezy 350v2 Beluga 1 and 2 I would get the 1.0 from Tony and the 2.0 from BM Lin, I saw a user compare the bm lin and retail and I couldn't tell enough difference to justify the price. The 1.0 don't have the heel tabs and most factories don't do a great job at the heel fades. Personally I can't tell the difference, I'm just parroting what I read.
Yeezy 350v2 Zebra G5 I keep seeing this and they look the best to me. Worth the extra money
Yeezy 350v2 Oreo and Infrared I like this colorway a lot, I have a old version of these and they look spot on but I'm not sure which factory but it was a budget batch. Like I said before I read that the heel fades aren't that great even on the higher end batch but I think you have to really know what to look for. Plus I heard that the retails had some interesting QC issues, I heard that the infrared could be pink or reddish.
Yeezy 350v2 Blue Tint I recommend a higher tier batch because this colorway has vertical lines and a lot of batches mess that up which it's super noticeable.
Yeezy 350v2 static reflective BM Lin 250 I've seen a few QC pictures and they look awesome to me. The higher end batches and some retail have big pull tabs which is just weird looking.
Yeezy 350v2 Bred BM Lin I heard BM lin has fixed the translucent sole which even higher end batches can have those issues.
Jordan 4 Kaws Grey BM LIn 350? I GP'd this batch today because I'm a huge fan of kaws and the higher end batches aren't close to being perfect. Most of the flaws I've seen on other batches is the sole is too cloudy and the hand imprints on the suede aren't defined enough.
Jordan 4 kaws black Pretty much the same as above except I haven't ordered this pair. I bought a $170 pair from Bruce and it's far from perfect, but I really like the shoe just wish I didn't spend so much.
OW Presto OG OWF I've read that this colorway is practically perfect. I would like to add the white and black version but I hear they are way too flawed and maybe with enough patience it will be better. But it's a real comfortable shoe.
Jordan 11 Bred, 72-10, Space Jam BM LIN I have some cheap ass DHGATE of these and they look really good with decent materials except for lack of carbon fiber, which changes a lot of the feel and sound of the shoe. As far as I can tell the cheap BM LINs have carbon fiber.
Ultraboost cream and Panda BM Lin This shoe is so awesome
Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0 PK God This shoe is just awesome and so comfortable, theres a regular user here that is an expert on this shoe and it will probably roll his eyes on this one.
Jordan 1 OW Chicago OWF I have bought two pairs of these. The first was like the first batch and it was so flawed the shoelaces said "shoestrings" and the second pair is the latest batch of OWF. The second batch I would probably buy again because to me it's pratically perfect and I don't mind spending a lot of money if the shoe is close to or perfect. The only problem with this shoe is that it's more a museum piece to me. I don't know how many times I just pick up the shoe and look at it. I rarely ever wear because it's really hard to pull off this shoe not including that its $3000 But the story behind this shoe and it's probably the most "art' shoe I own.
Jordan 1 OW NRG white
Jordan 1 OW UNC Might as well finish the collection
Sean Wotherspoon 97/1 none This is one of my favorite shoes and I would spend $200 for a great pair of these. But right now no one comes close to .8:1 let alone 1:1 , I hear that factories are milking people and that's why they won't make a perfect batch but I also think it's really difficult to make this shoe. This is a perfect example of people that buy retail/resale shoes and then buy replicas to wear. If those people would just post comparison pictures, it would save so many people so much money and make the factories to be more competitive and release a better version quicker.
Jordan 4 White Cement BM Lin? If BM Lins kaws comes out good enough I will buy this shoe and do a review and I will probably buy a few more Jordan 4's like the bred and pure money.
Jordan 3 ? I keep reading that no one makes a good version of the 3's and 4's, something to do with the tongue being too tall or too short.
EDIT: BM Lin or Boostmaster Lin is rather famous seller but is not recommended going directly because he/she supposedly can't be trusted, I have never bought directly but that's what I hear. It's really not a big deal because Ytaopal/Superbuy are super easy to use. It just might feel foreign to you if the only online shopping you ever done is Amazon.
The first thing you should do is find out what shoes you want. But if you don't have a clue,
Or you can go to the search bar and search for BM Lin or Boostmaster LIN and then you can see what others have posted. The only shoes I can recommend are the plain Yeezy's Cream,Sesame, and Butter. The beluga 2.0 looked really decent too. The Jordan 1 p420 are really nice for the price.
Go to this website
You can sort by and possibly search but if you search I think you will see everybody's store, so this part isn't the easiest I guess.
But lets say you like this shoe here
Scroll to the middle and click on "Please click to check more detail photos from Boostmaster’s album."
This will take you to his/her yuppo album where you can see more pictures and this is URL you give to YTAOPAL so they know which shoe to buy.
The next step after you find the shoe you want is to create a ytaopal or superbuy account. I've used both and I like ytaopal a lot better. Some people claim superbuy is easier etc... but I don't see how it's easier but superbuy nickel and dime you on everything.
In this example I will use ytaopal
Copy and paste the yuppo link into the bar in the middle that says "Please enter taobao link" and then the next page will ask you to copy and paste the title of the yuppo for example
TITLE:【AE1LO】 TOSv2全白 阿迪达斯椰子350二代本地真爆米花 CP9366 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White Real Boost45
Price: 160 ( you got this from the cnfashionpub site)
shipping: 10 (don't know why it's 10 but I heard its typically 10 yuan for the shoes to be shipped from the factory to the ytaopal warehouse)
remark: I type the shoe size here
Then submit and go to the checkout and then you pay. I believe you can pay via paypal if you do it through wechat but I never done that. I always pay with bitcoin ( I buy my bitcoin through the cash app which I highly recommend you get into bitcoin/crypto because its 2019)
You can also pay with western union which I've done a few times in the past to pay middlemen like Tony and Bruce.
Using Ytaopal is essential for buying good quality reps of shoes and clothing.
Here is a link I used to learn to use yuppo and ytaopal
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Bullish Case For Bitcoin As Interest Rates Worldwide Going To Zero, Says Mark Yusko (current BTC/USD price is $9,622.21)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bullish Case For Bitcoin As Interest Rates Worldwide Going To Zero, Says Mark Yusko
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Bitcoin Price | Bitcoin Mining | Blockchain
The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools. Follow us on Twitter @CoinSalad.
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Time Traveller's Prediction for Bitcoin Price 2019 Bitcoin Price Will Never Go to $0! Bitcoin Price Why Bitcoin WILL Keep Going UP in Price Bitcoin Price Prediction by Experts (Long Term)

Bitcoin Clock -Live Price Checker. If you just want to know the current price of Bitcoin without all the fancy charts, then Bitcoin Clock will be your best choice. The app displays the live Bitcoin price in large texts across the screen of your device. You don’t need to refresh your phone to see if Bitcoin has pumped up. Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Based in the USA, Coinbase is available in over 30 countries worldwide. Bitcoin Payment Gateway. Bitcoin Payment Processor - Accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, etc Payments on your website today for user premium membership, file downloads or selling your products! It is Easy! White Label Bitcoin Payment Boxes with your own logo! 3 Reasons Bitcoin’s Price Could Soon Rise to $10K. Omkar Godbole Jul 23, 2020. After a rise over $9,500 Wednesday, bitcoin looks set to climb toward the psychological price hurdle of $10,000 How high will Bitcoin go? BTC is a very good long-term (1-year) investment. The Bitcoin price can go up from 6702.160 USD to 8386.730 USD in one year. The long-term earning potential is +25.13% in one year. According to present data Bitcoin (BTC) and potentially its market environment has been in a bullish cycle in the last 12 months.

[index] [5885] [29154] [10733] [8028] [13962] [5349] [11408] [9771] [23932] [13414]

Time Traveller's Prediction for Bitcoin Price 2019

BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for your own Bitcoin trading or investing, but ... BITCOIN IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE! 2020 Could Create The Perfect Storm for Bitcoin's Price - Duration: 11:12. Altcoin Daily 94,097 views. 11:12. Winklevoss twins explain the future of Bitcoin ... Bitcoin prices could be rising because of a “halving” next year. The halving is very positive for Bitcoin. It increases the scarcity of Bitcoin since the number of Bitcoins created is less. Back in 2013, an anonymous figure posted on the r/Bitcoin subreddit claiming to be a time traveller from the year 2025. He made a series of predictions for the price of Bitcoin in future years ... For more superb educational content please visit our website! .....

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